SummerCamp badgeWelcome to another #SummerCamp activity, which is all about encouraging kids to have a creative summer!  And our activity today is all about the Art of Zentangle.

Zentangle can be great fun for kids of all ages.  And there are many ways to learn.  To start, get a drawing pad and a fine point marker.  As kids love doodling in color, BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers are popular, but as they are permanent markers, good judgement by the parents need to be applied when letting kids create with any permanent marker!  Depending on their age, you may also want to consider creating Zentangle as a Family Craft Night.



Totally Rotten Peanuts has an inspirational tutorial where you mark intersecting circles on paper and them fill them with various doodling.



There are also many books that will help you learn Zentangle, but I’ve only found one that focuses on teaching kids:


If you are on a MAC, or have problems watching this embedded video, here is a link to be able to view it directly in Youtube:


Zentangle for Kids: A Comic Guide, by Sandy Bartholomew is a creative book designed to help kids learn to Zentangle.

I hope this inspires you to find time to be creative with a kid this summer and enjoy the versatile art of Zentangle.


Want to know how to join #SummerCamp?

Everyone is welcome to join #SummerCamp, but there have been a few changes due to lack of participation.  To clarify, we’d love to have you participate but we no longer have a linky party to join, nor will there be prizes awarded at the end of this event.  Participants are asked to share what they create on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and use the Hashtag #SummerCamp.

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happy Crafternoon time

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  1. It’s funny this new term -zentangle, I call it doodling and have been doing it since I was a kid and also did the intersecting circles with a compass, fun fun 🙂

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