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While recently attending the #CHAShow, I learned about several wonderful new books packed with #CreativeGoodness.  Today, I’m excited to share insights with you about the new book “The Art of Mistakes: Unexpected Painting Techniques & the Practice of Creative Thinking”, by Melanie Rothschild, published by F&W Media.



I was able to meet the author, at a book signing, and quickly fell in love with her approach to art and nurturing the creative spirit in all of us.




Melanie Rothschild has sold her artwork, much of which was inspired by mistakes, in many stores and galleries throughout the US. She has a Masters of Science in the Study of Creativity and teaches workshops on the subject. “The Art of Mistakes” is her first book.  Here an inspirational video where Melanie shares her insights on this book:


If you are on a MAC or having problems viewing this embedded video, here is a link to watch this video directly in Youtube:



You can make art and deeply appreciate the Art of Mistakes.


When it comes to mistakes, we’re all experts. Really. Yet fear of making mistakes often holds us back from trying new things. Inside, you will discover how our mistakes can be powerful opportunities for new ideas that we could never think up deliberately.

Whether you are a seasoned artist, or just getting started, learning to embrace and use mistakes can spell the beginning of a new chapter in your art-making life.

Perhaps you were told by a former teacher or “expert” that your drawing or painting wasn’t good enough, or you’ve had your creativity stymied in some other way. Maybe you have artistic impulses and desires but feel like you aren’t one of the “chosen few” who can make art. Now you can learn ideas and painting techniques that show you a way of creative thinking that turn even your mistakes into beautiful works of art!

“Of all places, art is a spot where mistakes should be considered honored guests.”

  • 16 painting techniques to encourage creative thinking and experimentation
  • Permission to make mistakes as you make art.
  • Methods to discover how mistakes can serve your art and creativity




Melanie does a fantastic job inspiring creativity as well as helping to break down the rules of creativity, when in fact by making mistakes there really are no rules! Throughout the book there are inspirational quotes.  She also shares a variety of projects, including a super fun Dotted Dimensional Fabric Paint.  This book is an inspirational read, packed with fun artistic tips and projects appropriate for any creative soul.




F&W Media has generously given me two copies of this book.  Followers can enter to win one copy using the Rafflecopter form below.   You have the option to claim one or all of the entries that are appropriate for the way you follow QuiltShopGal, as well as an extra entry if you are on Facebook and follow F&W Media.

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The other copy will be given as a  “surprise prize” sometime this month, to a participant in the weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties, where anyone can share any form of creativity.

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  1. I really like how this gal thinks and I could not help but notice how beautiful she was…I love her natural gray hair. Very interesting…thank you for the review and opportunity.

  2. Very interesting concept! I don’t by any means seek perfection, but I wish I felt free enough to make mistakes more often! this book and Melanie’s advise within may be just the thing I need.

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