The Quilt Fairy is a romantic short story, by Beverly Farr.  QuiltShopGal found it a delightful sweet read for anyone, but definitely a “must read” for all quilters!

The book is focused on a House Fairy, who can also be called a Quilt Fairy.  And it is written by Beverly Farr, who writes an inviting story about Margaret, the Quilt Fairy.  Without giving away the story, I think we’d all welcome Margaret into our home to stay forever.  And, after you read this book, I think even if she doesn’t come to live with you, you’ll carry the Quilt Fairy in your heart.

quack me ups by quiltshopgal

This book was a fun read that quacked me up. I thoroughly reading about Fairies that help in the Garden, as well as the House.  But when it came to being a Quilt Fairy, I pondered if we’d have so many UFOs if we had a Quilt Fairy living with us.

This book is currently a free downloadable book on Amazon, but I’m not certain how long it will be free.  Either way, I hope you’ll also enjoy reading the Quilt Fairy.  And, if you have already read this book, please share your thoughts too!

You can find Beverly Farr at:



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