Do you have a set schedule for when you take time and organize your sewing room?  Or do you wait for a sign?


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15 comments on “When do you decide it is time to slow down and organize?”

  1. Ohoh, I think a USB-stick on a magnetic pincusion should be a good sign. *gg* I start organizing when I cannot see my table anymore. ^^

  2. I attempt to pick up my office/sewing space at least once a week, but only do a “deep clean” a couple times a year. The room would definitely benefit from more!!

  3. I have to do a bit of organizing every few days, so that I can find my cutting table. My room is small and very packed with stuff. Oh well, at least I’m not on the dining room table anymore.

  4. I recently went through my stash and donated several boxes of fabric to organizations who make charity quilts. My stash had just gotten so out of control. When I realized how much fabric I had stored in closets, drawers, and bins, I was pretty overwhelmed. I will never get around to using it all, and what better way to contribute to those who make quilts for charity. It was a pretty big eye opener, and a good way to bring some organization to the fabric I still have left.

  5. I totally clean and organize each time I finish a project. This includes vacuuming and dusting. The rest of the house is totally in need of a deep cleaning!

  6. I moved a few months ago, and I haven’t really set up my new space yet. I’ve been sewing on my desk in the living room (not big enough). I’ve been cleaning after each project, though, because I can’t find anything and have no room for the next project. I need to finish painting and get a desk, so I can finish organizing the studio and then I’ll worry about how often to clean it, lol.

  7. Everyone’s answers here help me feel better about my own mess, LOL.
    I tidy when there is not enough room on my cutting area or ironing board to use them. One goal I have is to destash. I counted how many projects I have lined up and there are thirty, which is really crazy. It’s past time for a major organization and cleaning. Hopefully this year. 🙂

  8. Honestly….only when absolutely necessary! I hate organizing because once I think I’m “organized” I can’t find what I was looking for….truth!


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